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Equality Bahamas

Commonwealth Point of Light 196. Alicia Wallace

Alicia Wallace, representing The Bahamas, aged 35, is an activist dedicated to promoting gender and LGBTQ+ rights in The Bahamas, and championing women to fulfil their potential.

Alicia Wallace

Alicia is the director of ‘Equality Bahamas’, an organisation which focuses on supporting vulnerable communities and promoting women’s and LGBTQ+ rights as human rights through public education and community engagement. Her work has included a two-year educational campaign ahead of a national referendum on gender and citizenship, the design and coordination of Women’s Wednesdays — a month event series which brings women together to share knowledge and ideas— and the management of a disaster relief donation and distribution centre. Alicia is also a Caribbean Advisor for the ‘FRIDA Young Feminist Fund’, and produces a monthly newsletter ‘The Culture RUSH’, which aims to make human rights and social justice accessible and interesting to wider audiences.

Sarah Dickson, British High Commissioner to The Bahamas, said:

“Congratulations to Alicia for this recognition of her voluntary work. Her activity makes a positive contribution towards greater equality, diversity and tolerance in The Bahamas.”

Alicia said:

“The all-volunteer team at ‘Equality Bahamas’ has always been intentionally focused on the relationship between gender and other critical areas such as climate and the environment. As we respond to the needs of people in situations of vulnerability, we develop new, responsive approaches to human rights advocacy and community programming. Our commitment to this work is fierce, our approach is decidedly feminist, and our shared vision is an equitable, pleasure-filled future.

“I am fortunate to be able to do this work with people who imagine a better world and believe we can create it together. Recognition of my work is, by extension, recognition of the contributions of those before me and alongside me, encouragement for those who will join us, and a spotlight for our feminist vision.”

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