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Emmie’s Kitchen

1942. Emmie Narayn-Nicholas

Emmie Narayn-Nicholas, aged 13, from Manchester, has provided over 10,000 meals to families of children staying at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, after her own experience spending long periods of time in hospital while being treated for leukaemia.

Emmie Narayn-Nicholas

Emmie was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2017 when she was eight years old, and underwent intensive chemotherapy treatment at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. During this time, she realised with her family that many other parents and relatives of children receiving medical care could receive a simple boost to morale and wellbeing with a home-cooked meal and some comfort food. Starting out as a monthly event, Emmie and her family soon increased their operations and recruited a team of volunteers to run ‘Emmie’s Kitchen’ on a weekly basis, providing up to 175 meals per week to parents of young people who are undergoing treatment and staying at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. They have formed partnerships with businesses in Manchester to receive supplies of takeaway meals and toiletries, and also provide monthly restaurant vouchers and getaways, and wider family support.

Emmie’s mother Eve (pictured above with Emmie) said:

“Recognition of all the hard work and commitment that ‘Emmie’s Kitchen’ has given to families with poor children staying in the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital is highly appreciated. Over the last two years ‘Emmie’s Kitchen’ has provided over 10,000 free hot meals to parents staying in the hospital who otherwise may not have access to a nutritious hot meal. ‘Emmie’s Kitchen’ has provided over 8,000 snack bags, toiletries, books and pyjama’s. By recognising the basic and essential needs of parents staying in hospital with their sick child we are supporting the parents’ wellbeing at an already difficult and often distressing time.

“‘Emmie’s Kitchen’ was born out of Emmie’s personal experience being diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of eight and having to spend long periods of time in hospital. We as a family learnt first-hand about the incredible pressures placed on parents and siblings of the sick child. Emmie is now 13 years old and works hard to improve the lives of parents and families staying with their child in Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.”

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