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Don’t Stare, It’s Only Hair

1155. Maddison Harris

Maddison Harris, aged eight, from Milton Keynes, started her campaign ‘Don’t Stare, It’s only Hair’ in 2017 to challenge people to shave their heads to raise awareness of children undergoing chemotherapy and fundraise for ‘CLIC Sargent’.

Maddison Harris

After being diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of seven, Maddison was inspired to start her campaign to help children who, like her, would lose their hair while undergoing chemotherapy. Started initially as a challenge to a few close friends, ‘Don’t Stare, It’s only Hair’ challenges people to shave their heads or donate a ‘fine’ to ‘CLIC Sargent’, raising over £40,000 in just a year. Maddison has been an inspiration for her local community and beyond, raising vital funds that will help many children get the support they need in the future.

In a personal letter to Maddison, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your ‘Don’t Stare, It’s Only Hair’ campaign is a brilliant way of raising money for CLIC Sargent and helping other children who are losing their hair. Your extraordinary bravery is an inspiration to us all and the donations you have secured will have a massive impact in helping children get the support they need. This is a fantastic achievement and you should feel very proud of yourself.”

Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, said:

“It’s excellent to see the Prime Minister has recognised Maddison for her incredible achievements in raising so much money and awareness for ‘CLIC Sargent’.

“To be thinking of others while she was fighting leukaemia herself was a wonderful gesture and she is fully deserving of this award.

“Thanks to her selfless work more children will be able to get the specialist support they need. I’m really honoured to be able to meet with Maddison to present her with the award. She is truly inspirational.”

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