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Dom’s Food Mission

1557. Dominic Warren
1558. Alexandria Warren

Dominic and Alexandria Warren, from Hastings, created ‘Dom’s Food Mission’ in 2015 to combat food waste whilst helping vulnerable people in the local community.

Dom and Alex Warren

The charity regularly helps over 4,000 people with food every month, but this year, in response to the pandemic, their work has expanded and at the peak of lockdown were delivering over 8,000 food parcels per month to households, preventing over 35,000 tonnes of food going to landfill this year. Dominic also created and runs a scheme through the charity called “A Helping Hand”, funded by the National Lottery, which takes surplus supermarket ingredients into schools for children to use in learning to cook, understand more about nutrition and healthy diets, and to help them with picking up other life skills.

In a personal letter to Dominic and Alexandria, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Thank you both for your amazing work creating ‘Dom’s Food Mission’.

“For more than five years, and now through a pandemic, you have delivered meals on a staggering scale. You have put an astonishing 35,000 tonnes of food waste to good use, feeding thousands of people in your community.

“Christmas will be different this year and your food parcels and meals this festive season are more important than ever.”

Dominic and Alexandria said:

“We’re so grateful and blessed to be recognised for this wonderful award and would like to thank everyone who’s involved, especially our hard working team! Thank you!”

Pictured below: volunteers at work with ‘Dom’s Food Mission’ coordinating food parcels for delivery

Volunteers with Dom's Food Mission

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