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Dogs on the Streets

1216. Michelle Clark

Michelle Clark, from London, founded ‘Dogs on the Streets’ in 2017 to support the welfare of dogs belonging to homeless people.

Michelle Clark

With a team of over 50 volunteers, including vets, vet nurses and front liners, Michelle set up the organisation to provide for pets living on the streets, who in turn support the wellbeing of their owners. The charity holds weekly stations around London to provide free nutritious dog food provisions, grooming, training and essentials to over 400 dogs belonging to homeless people. They also have a sanctuary where they can foster any dog in an emergency for the owner and run a weekly mobile veterinary clinic from their custom designed veterinary vehicle, led by clinical director Louise Collins who provides a free accessible service. ‘Dogs on the Streets’ runs regular services throughout the UK including Chatham, Somerset, Oxford, Milton Keynes and Birmingham, and Michelle provides further support to owners in accessing housing services and caring for their dogs when they have housing meetings or hospital appointments.

In a personal letter to Michelle, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Alongside your dedicated team of volunteers, you are not only providing invaluable veterinary care and support to dogs on the streets but also improving the wellbeing of their owners. I wish you the very best in your work to further expand ‘Dogs on the Streets’ across the country, helping some of the most vulnerable members of society.”

Michelle said:

“I am truly humbled to of been recognised and awarded the Points of Light Award for the voluntary work myself and my team do for DOGS ON THE STREETS supporting our homeless community with pet dogs.”

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