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1400. Jack Manley
1401. Charlotte Butter

Dr Jack Manley and Charlotte Butter, from London, were inspired to create ‘DeliverAid’, a digital platform which allows the public to donate hot meals to NHS workers, while supporting cafés, restaurants and caterers with takeaway and delivery services during the lockdown.

Jack Manley and Charlotte Butter

The pair were inspired to set up the initiative after Jack was offered home-cooked meals by grateful patients he had treated in A&E in his London hospital, and have so far raised £75,000 to supply tens of thousands of meals for NHS workers across the capital with healthy food.

In a personal letter to Jack and Charlotte, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“With an ingenious mix of technology, philanthropy and business, you have enabled the public to make online donations of hot food to support the extraordinary men and women working in our NHS, while simultaneously boosting the takeaway and delivery services of cafes, restaurants and caterers across the capital during the lockdown.

“It is a wonderful way of enabling the British people to show their appreciation for the sheer courage and compassion of all those, like you Jack, whose service to our country is saving lives throughout this battle with Coronavirus. I know first-hand just how special that work is because I wouldn’t be here today without it.”

Jack and Charlotte said:

“We are humbled to have been selected for the Points of Light award and would like to thank the Prime Minister for his recognition. We’d very much like to dedicate this award to our fellow team members William Akman, Clare Aitken and Aled John – and overwhelmingly to the many people who have given their time, effort and talent: the chefs and restaurants who have prepared thousands of meals, sometimes from their home kitchens; the amazing volunteers who delivered them, and the scores of donors who gave so generously, whether individuals or businesses. Above all, it belongs to the thousands of NHS and care home staff who have worked tirelessly to keep us all safe. Thank you.”

Pictured: DeliverAid in action

DeliverAid supporting Helicopter Emergency Medical Service with hot meals

DeliverAid supporting A&E staff with hot meals

DeliverAid supporting paediatricians at Royal London Hospital

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