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Daredevil Young Fundraiser

1850. Daniel MacDiarmid

Daniel MacDiarmid, aged 13, from East Sussex, is a daredevil fundraiser who undertakes a different challenge each year to fundraise for 'Chestnut Tree House Hospice', a hospice for children in Sussex and South East Hampshire, and has raised over £11,000 to date.

Daniel McDiarmid

Daniel was inspired to start his fundraising efforts after a visit to hospital for a toe operation, when he saw other children on the wards and learned more about the care many young people need for life-shortening conditions. He has since undertaken multiple challenges including taking on Europe’s highest zip wire whilst blindfolded, abseiled off a 100 foot viaduct twelve times to equal the height of the Empire State Building, a 50-mile cycle ride and BMX stunts. Daniel’s latest feat involved abseiling down a cliff face in Pembrokeshire and sleeping out in a suspended tent. This raised £7,500 for Christmas presents and special treats for terminally ill children.

In a personal letter to Daniel, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I was astonished to learn of your daredevil escapades to fundraise for Chestnut Tree House Hospice. Whether it’s tackling Europe’s highest zip wire blindfolded or abseiling the height of the Empire State Building, your feats are hugely impressive. What is more impressive, though, is the dedication you show to your local children’s hospice. The thousands of pounds you raise every year help brighten the lives of the resident children at the toughest of times.”

Daniel said:

“I do this  every year since I was about six or seven, to make a big difference to children that are facing harder times than most of us could ever imagine. I don’t feel like I deserve any recognition because the real heroes are the children that battle every day. I am proud that I have been so supported over the years by amazing people that have generously sponsored me.

“I will continue to face challenges that I have and will test my courage and raise more to help the children and families that really need it.”

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