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Commonwealth Point of Light 32. Klitos Papastylianou

Klitos Papastylianou, representing Cyprus, is an environmental activist who is working to protect natural habitats and biodiversity in Cyprus.

Klitos Papastylianou

During the migratory season Klitos actively campaigns against the illegal trapping and killing of over 2 million songbirds every year in Cyprus, which are later sold as delicacies in a black market multi-million pound industry. He also supports public consultation of construction projects across the island, to ensure the environmental impact is minimised.

Klitos was presented with his award on 16th March at the British High Commission in Nicosia by Ian Whitting OBE, Deputy UK High Commissioner in Cyprus.

Klitos said:

“I want to thank the High Commission and the Points of Light for this great honour. I consider the award recognition of efforts in place to tackle two severe challenges for the protection of biodiversity in Cyprus: on the one hand, the illegal, mass and uncontrollable trapping and smuggling of wild birds, and on the other hand the insufficient policy to safeguard, preserve and manage natural habitats. I wish this award can contribute towards achieving these goals.”

Ian Whitting OBE, Deputy UK High Commissioner in Cyprus, said:

“Cyprus, as we all know, is a unique place for flora and fauna. We contribute in a number of ways to help preserve natural habitats and wildlife on the island. Klitos’ voluntary work in these areas is exemplary and therefore he thoroughly deserves the Commonwealth Award. We hope this can serve as an incentive for further cooperation between us and Cypriots to continue to protect the environment of this beautiful island.”

Below: Klitos presented with his award by Ian Whitting OBE

Klitos Papastylianou with Ian Whitting

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