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Cuan Wildlife Rescue

1201. Anna Nicholas
1202. Sean Nicholas

Anna and Sean Nicholas, from Shropshire, are local firefighters who run ‘Cuan Wildlife Rescue’, the only volunteer run wildlife centre in Shropshire to offer a round-the-clock rescue service.

Anna and Sean Nicholas

Inspired by her childhood in Scotland, where her parents would rescue injured seabirds, Anna took over the running of the charity in 2006 with her husband, Sean, to care for and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds. The project has grown every year with over 3,000 wildlife casualties treated in 2018. On top of their day jobs as firefighters, Anna and Sean coordinate the team of volunteers who keep ‘Cuan Wildlife Rescue’ running. They have also set up an innovative way to donate to the charity via an Amazon wishlist, where people can buy and donate the food products that the centre requires.

In a personal letter to Anna and Sean, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Inspired by your childhood, you are continuing your parents’ legacy to provide vital care and rehabilitation for wild animals and birds through Cuan Wildlife Rescue’. You should be very proud of your efforts to maintain this volunteer led, round-the-clock rescue service which helps preserve the natural environment.”

Anna and Sean said:

“We are delighted to have become the 1201st and 1202nd Point of Light recipients and honoured to be recognised amongst other amazing volunteers. We would love to accept the award on behalf of all the staff and volunteers who help run ‘Cuan Wildlife Rescue’. Our charity provides a vital rescue and rehabilitation centre and service for the wildlife of Shropshire and surrounding counties. Our volunteers are an integral part of our team, carrying out many different roles and responsibilities, both within the centre and in the wider community. Without their continued dedication and commitment we would struggle to continue our work and meet the high standards that we adhere to and expect of ourselves.”

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