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Comforting young patients

513. Amanda Chadwick
514. Chelsea Williams

A mum and a sewing enthusiast have come together to brighten hospital stays for children.

Amanda and Chelsea established Wrap Pyjama Fairies in 2015 to bring comfort and support to young patients and their families in hospitals across the UK. The Wrap Pyjama Fairies design, create and distribute beautiful pyjamas and surgical gowns for children aged 0-12 years who are in hospital.

The pyjamas are specially designed with front openings to make dressing easier and allow ease of access for medical professionals.  The charity now has over 300 volunteers sewing gowns. To date, they have sent 1574 garments to 787 children. At present they still have over 800 orders outstanding due to their popularity.

Amanda’s third child Nevaeh was rushed to hospital at 2 days old with heart failure. During this time Amanda saw that her daughter was often in discomfort when being undressed to receive care. Amanda put out a call for help on Facebook to see if anyone with an interest in textiles could help her find suitable fabric to create practical pyjamas for Nevaeh to wear during her stay in hospital. Chelsea, a student at the University of Aberystwyth and sewing enthusiast got in touch to help.

Amanda and Chelsea soon realised there was a much bigger demand for their designs. In a short time, Amanda and Chelsea have built up a team of Pyjama Fairies to help provide bespoke pyjamas to young patients, they are supported with administration by Kayleigh Whitton and 300 volunteer sewers. Their pyjamas have been approved by staff at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and have since been ordered by another six hospitals. Young patients enjoy receiving their colourful pyjama sets which are made in bright and fun fabrics so that they can relieve some of the fear that the children may have.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Amanda and Chelsea have combined their experience and skills to make a real difference to children facing hospital treatment. They have inspired a huge number of people around the country to create personalised pyjamas and hospital gowns that give young people comfort and help to take the fear out of operations. I am delighted to recognise the creators of Wrap Pyjama Fairies as Points of Light.”  

Chelsea said:

“We would like to thank Kayleigh Whitton, a very active member of the admin team, who works tirelessly to help the charity grow.

“Receiving this is award is an absolute honour! I run the Wrap Pyjama Fairies so that I can relieve some of the fear children feel when in hospital, I don’t expect anything in return. However, this form of recognition gives me a boost of energy to continue the work. This award will gain the charity some excellent exposure and allow us to reach out to more families. Thank you very much!”

Amanda said:

“Being recognised as a ‘Point of Light’ is one of the highlights of my life so far. Hopefully being chosen for this award will allow me to reach more children and young people, and make their stay in hospital less frightening for them. Thank you so much.” 

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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