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Children’s HIV Association

1064. Mercy Ngulube

Mercy Ngulube, from Cardiff, is a pioneering HIV activist, drawing on her own experiences of the condition to tackle stigma and support other young people living with HIV.

Mercy Ngulube

After encouragement from The Duke of Sussex to come out publicly as HIV positive, Mercy received a Diana Legacy Award in May 2017 from The Duke of Cambridge and The Duke of Sussex for her work encouraging social change. Mercy now chairs the youth committee with the ‘Children’s HIV Association’ and is the charity’s key spokesperson, speaking about her experiences in the House of Lords, at Ted Talks, and at international conferences. In collaboration with ‘International AIDS Society’, the world’s largest association of HIV professionals, Mercy is travelling to Tanzania to help train youth ambassadors who can develop and deliver workshops discussing health care reform to hundreds of children.

Mercy’s award follows World Aids Day 2018, the annual date dedicated to raising awareness and showing support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness. She was presented with her award by the Children’s Commissioner for England Anne Longfield at a BBC Children in Need event (pictured below).

In a personal letter to Mercy, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“By sharing your experience of living with HIV, you are helping to tackle the unacceptable stigma which still faces so many people with the condition. You should feel very proud of your tireless and inspiring commitment to supporting young people across the world who are living with HIV.”

Mercy said:

“It’s an absolute honour to become a Point of Light. It’s always important in the midst of all that happens in society to remember that we live in a society where kindness is not uncommon – and that it is something we can all do together. In my own time over the years that I have volunteered, I have always loved hearing the stories of those who faithfully serve our society and make it a better place – in spite of whatever they may be facing. So today, it is with honour that I accept this award and thanks to all those who have inspired me and helped me to be so passionate about helping others.”

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