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Child Action Lanka

Commonwealth Point of Light 211. Deborah Edirisinghe

Deborah Edirisinghe, representing Sri Lanka, aged 38, is the founder of ‘Child Action Lanka’, a network of children’s shelters based in the city of Kandy which cares for over 1,500 children.

Debbie Edirisinghe

Deborah leads a team of 110 volunteers to deliver a holistic approach to care which targets the underlying causes of inequality and provides development that is sustainable and community-based. ‘Child Action Lanka’ offers housing and food, schooling and education resources, as well as counselling to ensure lower school dropout rates.

Debbie said:

“I was absolutely delighted, and surprised, to receive this news. I’m humbled and feel privileged to be a recipient of the Commonwealth Points of Light Award from Sri Lanka. Thank you for considering me. Recognition of such high status will enable the work I do with vulnerable children and women to expand the much needed support and partnerships that can further enable its continuity and growth. I am absolutely grateful for this award and recognition.”

Sarah Hulton, British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, said:

“My warmest congratulations to Debbie Edirisinghe from Sri Lanka for receiving the Commonwealth Points of Light Award. Her work in providing children with education, health and nutrition and building supportive communities is commendable. I wish her all the best as she continues this remarkable journey, helping vulnerable children in Sri Lanka have a chance at a brighter future.”

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