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Cecilia Adebayo Ariyo Trust

2211. Timi Ariyo

Timi Ariyo, from Essex, founded ‘Cecilia Adebayo Ariyo Trust’ in 2013, in memory of his parents to continue their charitable work improving opportunities for disadvantaged people in Nigeria.

Timi’s parents passed away close together, and it was losing them that moved Timi to undertake charitable work, using his own funds to establish the charity and help others. 

Timi has since partnered with other charitable organisations to help deliver the support from the charity, which provides financial assistance, mentoring opportunities, acquisition of work experience and support for start-up businesses. Timi’s charity has also supported the refurbishment of orphanages and schools, helping thousands of students remain in education. 

In a personal letter to Timi, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“I want to thank you for all you are doing to improve opportunities for disadvantaged people in Nigeria, in memory of your mother Cecilia Olusola Ariyo and your father Prince Adebayo Ariyo. 

“Through the Cecilia Adebayo Ariyo Trust, you are continuing their charitable work, helping people with mentoring and work experience opportunities, as well as support in starting their own businesses.” 

Timi said:

“It feels great to be nominated, and  I am accepting this honour on behalf of the numerous less privileged people my charity has helped and continues to help.

“To me, it is more of an inventive and opportunity to do more for humanity and to make life better for poor, disabled , disadvantaged and anyone in need regardless of location, race, creed or sexual orientation.

“I am indeed encouraged by the work the Prime Minister is doing in this area to ensure disadvantaged people  in any way  in life are not forgotten and are  assisted through charities like mine.”

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