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Cancer Support Group

781. Allison White

Allison White, from Newton Aycliffe, is the founder of the ‘Great Aycliffe Cancer Support Group’.

Inspired by raising £10,500 for Leukemia Research and £3,000 for Macmillan, she decided in 2014 to create her own support group for people in her local area. Allison, who has been diagnosed with leukaemia, has spoken about the loneliness that can accompany the illness and her belief that no one should face cancer alone. She has raised over £15,000 to support the group’s 100 members, who are based across County Durham, Darlington, and North Yorkshire. Allison also oversees an initiative where members of the group, along with their loved ones, can take an all-expenses-paid holiday to a donated caravan in nearby Redcar, so they can have respite from the illness.

In a personal letter to Allison, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through the ‘Great Aycliffe Cancer Support Group’, you are providing a valuable network for your people in your community and providing assistance when they are at their most vulnerable. You should be proud of the fundraising you have undertaken to help people with the illness and your commendable work to ensure that they do not face cancer alone.”

Allison said:

“To receive this award is amazing, thank you to our Prime Minister for choosing me. The last few months have been very tough – not only did I lose my mam but she was also my best friend she would of been so proud. She got me through all these years so I pay tribute to my mam, Barbara. Thank you to everyone else who has helped me over the years, both family and members of ‘the Great Aycliffe Cancer Support Group’. I run this group so other cancer patients don’t have to go through what I did but it’s still exciting to win an award to be recognised for what I have achieved.”

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