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Cameroon’s superhero surgeon

Commonwealth Point of Light 78. Georges Bwelle

Dr. Georges Bwelle, representing Cameroon, has spent the last decade providing free medical care to over 330 rural communities by running mobile health clinics at weekends, alongside his day job as a surgeon in Yaounde’s Central Hospital.

Georges Bwelles

After spending years travelling with his ill father to poorly equipped hospitals and clinics, he was determined to do improve the quality of care available to others. So he trained as a doctor himself and founded the non-profit ‘ASCOVIME’. Almost every Friday, Dr Bwelle and up to 30 volunteers get into vans, tie medical supplies to the roofs and travel across rough terrain to visit villages in need – sometimes having to push their vehicles through rivers and mud to get there. The mobile field clinic they set up includes an operating room and pharmacy and his team provide free consultations, dental care, medication, and operations, treating conditions from malaria to malnutrition. Since 2008, Dr Bwelle and his volunteers have helped over 217,000 people.

The award for Dr. Georges Bwelle was presented by Rowan Laxton, UK High Commissioner in Cameroon (pictured).

Dr Bwelle said:

“I am deeply honoured and humbled by this extraordinary recognition from Her Majesty which serves as an inspiration for me and my team to become more involved with the work of humanity. I am grateful to God for the opportunity He has given me to play a small part in the lives of the underprivileged. My mission is to bring change to the world through health and education, and am starting with the villages around me, one at a time. This prestigious Commonwealth Points of Light award serves as a motivation for me and my entire team of volunteers, and proves that our little efforts are indeed making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve.”

Rowan Laxton, UK High Commissioner in Cameroon said:

“Dr Georges Bwelle and his team of volunteers from ‘ASCOVIME’ have shown remarkable compassion, creativity and commitment through their determination to provide specialised health services to poor and needy people throughout Cameroon. Their work is a shining example of the impact that dedicated and skilled volunteers can make to brighten people’s lives.”

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