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British Sikh Nurses

1514. Rohit Sagoo

Rohit Sagoo, from London, founded ‘British Sikh Nurses’ to encourage better mental and physical health in both Sikh, and wider BAME communities.

Rohit Sagoo

Rohit was the first British-born, Asian male children’s nurse in the UK, and founded ‘British Sikh Nurses’ in 2015 to further bridge the gap between the NHS and people from South Asian backgrounds, in particular by highlighting issues prevalent within the community such as mental health, organ donation, gender and abuse and the impact of diabetes. He has encouraged over 10,000 new stem cell donors from South Asian backgrounds, visiting gurdwaras around the country to increase awareness about the urgent need for new donors from within BAME communities.

In a personal letter to Rohit, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Congratulations on the success of ‘British Sikh Nurses’ and your extraordinary effort to encourage thousands of new stem cell donors. 

“At a time when our NHS faces enormous pressures, you are engaging your members to look after their physical and mental wellbeing. You have also fantastically supported the NHS with initiatives to increase stem cell donors and organ donors.”

Rohit said:

“As the founder of ‘British Sikh Nurses’, I am overwhelmed to have been considered for a Points of Light Award by the Prime Minister. I have worked hard to bridge the gap between the NHS and the South Asian Community by promoting and raising awareness of health and wellbeing issues that affect the South Asian Community and it is a privilege, as a nurse, to care for the needs of the South Asian community. I cannot thank the Prime Minister enough for the recognition of my services to nursing.”

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