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British Chinese Project

1110. Christine Lee


Christine Lee, from London, is the founder of the ‘British Chinese Project’, a non-profit organisation aiming to promote engagement, understanding and cooperation between the Chinese community and wider UK society.

Christine Lee

As one of the most experienced and leading Chinese lawyers practising in the UK, Christine is passionate about the law and has devoted her life building a vibrant British-Chinese community that is integrated and fully represented within the British political and social scene. The organisation’s ‘Chinese Community and Policing Report’ was the first of its kind, studying the relationship between the British-Chinese community and the police. Christine coordinates various fundraising events, raising thousands of pounds for Chinese Organisations in London. The project’s ‘Health Walk with our Elderly’ programme has also brought together both the young and elderly British-Chinese Community to address the challenges of loneliness and isolation. The ‘British Chinese Project’ aims to have achieved greater inclusion and participation of the British-Chinese people in the UK political system by 2020.

In a personal letter to Christine, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“You should feel very proud of the difference that ‘The British Chinese Project’ is making in promoting engagement, understanding, and cooperation between the Chinese and British communities in the UK. I also wish you well with your work to further the inclusion and participation of British-Chinese people in the UK political system.”

Christine said:

“I am both surprised and honoured to receive this award and feel humbled that it relates to work which I have always felt privileged to carry out. The well-being of the British Chinese community in the UK will always be of great importance to me and I am pleased to have had the opportunity to assist in any small way with our integration into UK society.”

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