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Bringing HOPE

112. Bethan Rimmington

A student from Sheffield has helped over 100 women affected by human trafficking.

10 Downing Street


Bethan Rimmington developed the social enterprise, HOPE that helps women by running jewellery and cosmetics projects which are then sold to help them support themselves. Bethan has also helped to create a shea butter cooperative in Nigeria, which employs women who are vulnerable to trafficking. The women learn new skills, which help protect them from trafficking. Using the commercial skills they gain, a number of women on the outskirts of Abuja have started a water enterprise which now gives 800 Nigerians access to clean water.


HOPE, which stands for Healing through Opportunities to Pursue Enterprise, was started by Bethan in 2011 with six university friends. Bethan became passionate about the cause through her university course and wanted to make a difference. Alongside her work to create better lives for women through cosmetics and jewellery projects she has also partnered with the Princes Trust to run workshops for women to help them start up their own businesses. 

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Human trafficking is abhorrent. Our Modern Slavery Bill is cracking down on the perpetrators of this appalling crime. We must do everything we can to stamp out this modern day slavery and to help those affected by it. Through HOPE, her innovative social enterprise, Bethan is helping vulnerable women to rebuild their lives. I am delighted to be recognising Bethan’s service by making her a Point of Light today”.

Bethan Rimmington said:

“I’m so pleased to receive a Point of Light award on behalf of HOPE. I hope this will highlight the crime of human trafficking and the important work that students of the University of Sheffield do to help raise awareness of this terrible crime.”

Andrew Miller, Bethan’s local MP said:

“I never ceased to be amazed at the work of people in my community who are determined to help others. None more so than Bethan, working as she is with former victims. I hope that other young people learn from her example as, together, we can make a difference.”


The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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