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Bowel Disease UK

764. Gary Douch

Gary Douch, from London, is the Founder and Chairman of Bowel Disease UK.

Gary, who has Crohn’s Disease, teamed up with his consultant, Professor Devinder Kumar, to raise funds for academic medical research into improving outcomes for patients with bowel cancer, colitis and Crohn’s disease. Having been initially set up from his hospital bed, the charity has raised over £625,000, which is contributing to ground-breaking research into new treatments. Remarkably, the charity’s administration and fundraising is managed without paid employees, allowing a higher proportion of the money to be directed to research and service provision.

The charity also provides financial support to other major research programmes, and Gary has hosted a number of high profile events that have gained support from Ronnie Wood, who is a Patron of the charity, and Stephen Hammond MP, who is an Ambassador.

In a personal letter to Gary, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“As the Founder and Chair of Bowel Disease UK, your work is contributing to ground-breaking research into new treatments, which is helping to improve outcomes for patients with bowel cancer, colitis, and Crohn’s disease.”

Stephen Hammond, Gary’s local MP and Ambassador for Bowel Disease UK, said:

“I am really delighted that Gary has won this award. It is a tribute to his hard work and enormous efforts over the last few years. I do hope that it will raise awareness and convince others to help the vital research being undertaken.”

Gary said:

“I am extremely grateful for this award from the Prime Minister.  Not only does it highlight the hard work the charity has undertaken but it also recognises the excellent support we receive from our volunteer trustees and ambassadors.  I truly believe this is a team award that will help to raise the profile of our charity and the vital research we undertake.”

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