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Bounce Alzheimer’s Therapy Foundation

1742. Ian Craigton-Chambers

Ian Craigton-Chambers, from London, set up ‘Bounce Alzheimer’s Therapy (BAT) Foundation’, harnessing the power of table tennis to slow cognitive decline in people with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Ian Craigton-Chambers

Ian first came across the concept of table tennis therapy in America, and set up ‘BAT Foundation’ to further explore how the cognitive benefits of playing table tennis could be used to provide an alternative, drug-free form of therapy for people with early onset Alzheimer’s and dementia. Ian and his team have helped develop therapeutic tennis tables designed with attached side panels to increase spatial awareness and create a secure, non-distracting and comforting play zone. The tables also enhance a player’s peripheral vision by keeping the balls on the table and in play for longer duration. ‘BAT Foundation’ have distributed tables to care homes across the UK, whilst also running regular trials and workshops to encourage people with the condition to experience the positive benefits of the sport.

In response to receiving the award, Ian said:

“My Father was a very eminent physician and wanted me to be a surgeon or at least a doctor. Much to his disappointment I went into Art and Design. However this black sheep is making amends by becoming a bellwether in the field of specialist exercise intervention therapy for those challenged by Dementia.”

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