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Botswana Covid-19 Teacher

Commonwealth Point of Light 137. Goratagaone Seshoka

Goratagaone Seshoka, representing Botswana, is a primary school teacher who has remained in the rural village where he teaches to educate its 1,000 inhabitants about Covid-19.

Goratagaone Seshoka

Goratagaone has established health and advisory information points around the village to amplify the key messaging of social distancing, regular hand washing, and self isolation, while also debunking fake news around the virus. Goratagaone has also designed and set up contact-free handwashing facilities around the village with donated soap.

Sian Price, UK High Commissioner in Botswana, said:

“During this difficult time we are particularly grateful for our hardworking and selfless community leaders. Goratagaone (Shakes) Seshoka has continued to put his community first and has made a huge and positive impact with his creative initiatives to raise awareness about COVID-19 and innovative handwashing stations. His community is grateful for the leadership he is providing and I’m proud that Her Majesty has recognised such an inspirational young Motswana – Pula, Shakes!”

Goratagaone said:

“On behalf of the Jamataka community I serve and the beautiful republic of Botswana, I am truly humbled that I have been considered and emotionally chosen for such a prestigious award. I wish to proffer my sincere gratitude to ‘EmPowered FinTech’, colleagues and the British High Commission for the support and ultimately the recognition. Thank You!”

Below: one of Goratagaone’s information boards sharing key information on Covid-19 among his community.

Goratagaone Seshoka sharing information about Covid-19 in his community

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