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2320. Lola Olaore

Lola Olaore, from London, founded ‘bloss.m’ in 2018 and has empowered over 4000 girls and young women to thrive in their personal, academic, and professional life through evidence-based interventions.

Lola was inspired to set up her own schemes to create opportunities and empower girls and women through personal experiences that increased her aspirations. These experiences, including participating in Google Top Black Talent and Code First Girls programmes, led Lola to establish ‘bloss.m’, through which she provides two core programmes.

The ‘bloss.m Scholars’ programme is an intervention programme designed to empower young African and Caribbean girls in Greater London by providing them with skills and opportunities within three core pillars: Leadership, Youth Social Action, and Tech for Social Good. The programme works with girls between 11 and 18 and involves weekly sessions over 10 months and a 4 week summer programme.   

The ‘bInspired’ programme connects young women to female mentors from one of their partner organisations, spanning a range of industries. Lola works with communities, schools and universities to help identify young women who would benefit from the programme, and upon completion, helps them to continue developing their leadership action plan for the future. 

Lola also speaks at a range of workshops and events to help empower young women and girls and encourage positive social change.

Lola said:

“This award represents the significant impact myself and the ‘bloss.m’ team have had in empowering girls and women across the UK, regardless of their background. 

“The Points of Light Award symbolises our ongoing efforts towards achieving gender equality and equity in the UK. Personally, dedicating my time to inspire and support the next generation of women is incredibly fulfilling. Whether it’s 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 5 hours a month, serving as a positive role model for girls and women who lack such influences fills me with warmth. Knowing that one impactful conversation can transform lives, as it did mine when someone encouraged me to reach for the stars and achieve anything I set my mind to, drives my commitment. 

“I am proud to contribute to the advancement of girls and women in the UK, and I will continue until I witness the change we strive for.”

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