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Blind Dog Rescue UK

1175. Katy Orton

Katy Orton, from Alderney, Channel Islands, is a veterinary nurse who founded ‘Blind Dog Rescue UK’ to save and rehome visually impaired dogs from across Europe that would otherwise be killed in shelters or abandoned.

Katy Orton

Katy was inspired to set up the charity after adopting a blind dog called Peaches and realising that her skills and experience could make a difference to the wellbeing of other blind or partially sighted dogs which are often euthanised in animal shelters after a given period of time. ‘Blind Dog Rescue UK’ liaises with rescuers throughout Europe to save dogs from off the streets or in shelters, providing them with urgent veterinary assistance and relocating them to the UK, where they assist with adoptions from verified prospective owners. Katy and her team of volunteers have since rescued over 800 dogs and provide on-going support to owners on looking after visually impaired dogs.

In a personal letter to Katy, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“By drawing on your veterinary experience and your remarkable passion for animal welfare, you have provided loving homes for hundreds of blind and partially sighted dogs. I wish you every success in your continued work to rescue and help these vulnerable animals who otherwise would not be receiving the care they deserve.”

Katy said:

“I am delighted to have become the 1175th Point of Light and honoured to be recognised amongst other amazing volunteers. I would love to accept the award on behalf of the many volunteers who help run Blind Dog Rescue UK, and rescuers around the world who are doing all they can to improve the welfare of dogs and other animals. I hope we are able to help many more blind and partially sighted dogs in the future.”

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