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Big Brains Tuition

1623. Rupal Ragha

Rupal Ragha, from Wembley, has been using her tuition business ‘Big Brains Tuition’ to provide free lessons to thousands of children on Instagram during school closures.

Rupal Ragha

Rupal is a personal tutor dedicated to providing quality, affordable tuition for school children from less advantaged backgrounds. Realising that many school children would be missing out on education opportunities due to Coronavirus restrictions, particularly for students who do not have access to laptops and wifi internet connections, Rupal decided to use her social media platform to provide an alternative way of reaching out to children, after discovering that nearly half of all adults in the UK have an Instagram account. Posting two or three Instagram stories per week focusing on subjects such as English, maths and science, Rupal’s lessons are designed to be easily accessible, with hundreds of users tuning in live to watch her sessions.

In a personal letter to Rupal, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“One of the greatest challenges of lockdown has been how to reimagine education for the nation’s children and so I was inspired to hear of your social media tutorials in maths, English and science.

“I am delighted that thousands of families across the country have been able to enjoy your teaching while home schooling.”

Rupal said:

“I am truly honoured and humbled by this recognition and award from the Prime Minister. When lockdown began in March 2020 and schools closed, I felt a duty to keep education going. Instagram is easily accessible to anyone and I’m delighted that children and parents from around the world have been joining the live classes. I’ve connected with people from Brazil to New Zealand and I’m truly grateful for the experience. I hope to keep education going around the world for as long as I can. Thank you Prime Minister for this great honour.”

Pictured below: Rupal filming one of her lessons

Rupal filming one of her lessons

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