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Beyond Equality

1816. Daniel Guinness

Daniel Guinness, from Devon, runs ‘Beyond Equality’, an organisation that promotes ‘positive masculinity’, disrupts negative expectations and stereotypes, and empowers men to be better allies to women and girls.

Daniel Guinness

Daniel, who has an academic background in Anthropology and conducted research on issues of gender and masculinity, was a founding member of the ‘Good Lad Initiative’, which used interactive conversations with young men and boys to give them the chance to think about who they would like to be and to discover how they could help to create safer and equitable communities. The initiative grew into ‘Beyond Equality’, which Daniel leads as Managing Director, running projects in schools, universities and workplaces that have been attended by over 35,000 people, with the aim of opening up conversations about masculinity, consent, sex and how to maintain healthier relationships. The organisation has also trained up over 400 people to act as volunteer role models, who support with workshops and can provide further peer support and help with personal development.

In a personal letter to Daniel, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Let me thank you and all of your team at ‘Beyond Equality’ for promoting safety, equality and healthy relationships.

“Your projects in schools and universities have been attended by a staggering 35,000 people. You have opened up important conversations with these young people about sexuality, consent and tackling harmful stereotypes.”

Daniel said:

“Thank you for this recognition of the work done by the whole team at ‘Beyond Equality’: our staff, trustees, supporters, and volunteers past and present. And thank you to the schools, sports clubs, universities and workplaces who invite us in to facilitate conversations with their teams. Together we’re disrupting harmful stereotypes and creating a more equitable, safer and healthier future.”

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