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Ben Saunders Foundation

2195. Tom Saunders
2196. Joanne Saunders

Tom and Joanne Saunders, from Bath, have raised close to £600,000 to help families affected by cancer, following the passing of their son Ben from a rare form of cancer sarcoma.

It was Ben’s original idea, while receiving treatment himself, to support other young adults with cancer by providing family breaks away and in 2020, they founded the ‘Ben Saunders Foundation’ in memory of Ben. 

The Foundation has since expanded to also support younger children and bereaved parents across the UK, and hosts regular charity fundraisers including galas, football matches and charity runs. In addition to the Foundation having facilitated over 300 breaks away for families in their three retreat lodges, they work closely with theTeenage Young Adult ward’ in Bristol where Ben was treated, and aim to support families with financial support through issuing vouchers.  

Congratulating Tom and Joanne on their award, Wera Hobhouse, Tom and Joanne’s local MP for Bath, said:

“Tom and Joanne Saunders’ work in setting up the ‘Ben Saunders Foundation’ in memory of their son, Ben, is truly inspirational. They have brought joy to many families at some of their darkest moments by providing over 300 breaks away to their retreat lodges. I am very proud to have people like Tom and Joanne in our community.” 

Tom and Joanne said:

“Everything we do is in memory of our son and this has brought a tear to both of us.”

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