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Banbury Community Hero

1637. Prabhu Natarajan

Prabhu Natarajan, from Banbury, has been dedicated to support his community in response to the pandemic, delivering over 11,000 chocolates, treats and other foodstuffs to hundreds of families across Banbury.

Prabhu Natarajan

Prabhu moved to Banbury from India with his wife and son in March 2020 just as the Coronavirus outbreak started, but immediately set out to provide support for people in need across the local area by regularly collecting and delivering food parcels to people in need, as well as established his own food bank. He has been further giving a boost to residents during lockdown by making his deliveries while dressed as superheroes, Santa Claus, and most recently, distributing thousands of donated eggs while dressed as the Easter bunny.

In a personal letter to Prabhu, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Thank you for all that you have done over the last year to bring moments of happiness to the families of Banbury.

“You have single-handedly delivered over 11,000 treats to people across the town, which is a staggering achievement. You have delighted local children by doing your deliveries in superhero costume, but the true hero is you!”

Victoria Prentis, MP for Banbury, who also recognised Prabhu as an Unsung Hero in North Oxfordshire in December 2020, said:

“Prabhu is a true unsung hero and a credit to the Banbury community. His selflessness and generosity has given residents a real boost during such a difficult year. He is very deserving of this Point of Light Award. I look forward to meeting him in the coming weeks to thank him personally for his efforts.”

Prabhu said:

“If you want to live a happy life, take care of people around you. A smile and an act of kindness wins everything. Be generous to everyone.

“Thank you Prime Minister, each and everyone involved in considering me for this award. It’s not an individual effort. I have got immense support from my wife Shilpa Balachandran, my son Addhu (Advaith Prabhu) and the amazing people of the whole of Banbury 🥰. With their amazing support only I was able to do everything. I would love to dedicate this award to my dad, 11 family members and 9 best friends who have passed away in the last 22 days due to Covid in India.”

Pictured below: Prabhu in some of his festive costumes

Prabhu Natarajan in festive costumes

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