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Art for Charity Collective

1628. Lucy Kent

Lucy Kent, from Wiltshire, is an artist who launched the ‘Art for Charity Collective’ in June 2020, encouraging artists to donate pieces for auction, which has so far raised over £100,000 for charities.

Lucy Kent

Lucy set up the initiative as a way of helping to connect the artist community and provide a platform for supporting each other through the pandemic, whilst also giving money to good causes. Over 80 artists have sold pieces at auction, supporting funds such as the ‘Khadija Saye IntoArts Programme’, which supports young people from underprivileged backgrounds get into further education, specifically the Arts; research into Infant Leukaemia at Great Ormond Street Hospital; and not-for-profit organisation, ‘A Space Between’, which supports patients and healthcare workers through free, therapeutic art programmes.

In a personal letter to Lucy, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Congratulations on the success of your fantastic ‘Art for Charity Collective’. By harnessing the creative power of your fellow artists, you have built a wonderful community and raised an impressive £100,000 for good causes from ‘A Space Between’ to research into infant leukaemia at Great Ormond Street.

“I was particularly inspired to hear how your online auctions have raised money to sponsor young people from all backgrounds into studying arts.”

Lucy said:

“I am absolutely thrilled and honoured to receive the Points of Light award for ‘Art for Charity Collective’. It is recognition and encouragement like this that helps these small non-profits continue and we are enormously grateful. Artists and creatives have done so much over the past year to help society through the pandemic; the hope and positivity art gives us is something we must cherish. Indeed it is the strength and talent of our Collective, over 80 artists from around the world, who help us raise as much as possible for these very worthwhile causes. ‘Art for Charity Collective’ has seen how this mutual, collaborative support has introduced these artists to new audiences, inspiring further creativity and also enabling more people to see and appreciate their incredible creations. Thank you so much.”

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