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Arian Teleheal

980. Waheed Arian

Dr Waheed Arian, from Liverpool, is a pioneering doctor who has created a network connecting world-class medics with doctors working in conflict zones across Afghanistan.

Dr Waheed Arian

His ‘Arian Teleheal’ charity uses Skype to allow over 100 volunteer doctors based in the UK, Canada and America to provide live specialist support without having to travel to dangerous locations.

Dr Arian arrived in the UK as a 15 year old refugee from Afghanistan with a childhood dream of being able to help others as a doctor. He completed his A-levels at night school while supporting his family with job in shops and restaurants, before studying medicine at Cambridge University and gaining qualifications at Harvard and Imperial.

As a newly qualified doctor, Dr Arian used his leave to travel back to Afghanistan and assist medics who were caring for patients injured in the ongoing conflict. He was inspired to start the charity after realising that many of his UK colleagues would like to help too, but could not travel safely to Afghanistan. Arian ‘Teleheal’ doctors have advised all major emergency departments and intensive care units in Afghanistan. Dr Arian recently completed his first UK/Afghanistan consultation using augmented reality and is now working to extend their work into other countries.

In a personal letter to Dr Waheed Arian, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your charity ‘Arian Teleheal’ is saving lives. Your use of technology to connect medics across the world is giving people injured in conflict access to the very best medical advice and support. You should be tremendously proud of the impact your work is having. I wish you every success as you grow the project to reach even more medical teams working in some of the most testing circumstances across the world.”

Chris Matheson, MP for City of Chester said:

“What Dr Arian has achieved is nothing short of incredible. Drawing on his own life experiences as a refugee and also as a newly qualified doctor assisting medics in conflict zones, he has developed a totally new idea that uses easily accessible technology to save lives in some of the most challenging environments on earth.

I would like to sincerely thank Waheed for what his charity is doing. His work has saved the lives of many and he has proved that when people work together, even when it is across great distances and perhaps without ever meeting in person, we can achieve great things.”

Dr Arian said:

“It is humbling to receive this award, which marks contributions to make the world a better place by people from all across the globe. Our 100 volunteer doctors, mostly from the NHS, give up their spare time to save lives of people in war zones or low resource countries every day. The Points of Light Award, and the recognition which it brings, will boost their morale, and support us in building on our successes going forward to help even more people in desperate need.”

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