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Aphasia awareness raiser

378. Sarah Scott

A campaigner from Welwyn who has inspired thousands by setting up a successful YouTube channel documenting her struggle to communicate after suffering a stroke aged 18.

Welwyn-based Sarah Scott was about to start a biology degree at Swansea University in 2009 when she suffered a stroke. Sarah has aphasia after her stroke, a condition affecting 1 in 3 stroke survivors which leads to problems using language correctly. Sarah set out to raise awareness about aphasia by setting up YouTube channel SymphUK, which has received over 1,000,000 hits.

Sarah has become the most prominent spokesperson for aphasia in Britain. She hopes to help more people understand what the condition is, both through SymphUK and through talks and patients visits. She has raised over £10,000 for The Stroke Association and set up Sarah’s Communication Group to help others who have suffered a stroke in the Welwyn area.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

““Too many people don’t understand that aphasia does not affect a stroke sufferer’s intelligence, only their ability to communicate. By raising awareness of this fact, Sarah Scott has helped make our society a better place for those battling aphasia. Sharing her own experiences through her YouTube channel SymphUK is a brave and effective way to raise awareness of aphasia, and I am delighted to recognise all that she has achieved by making her a Point of Light.”

Sarah said: “I am very proud to receive this award and to be recognised by the Prime Minister for my volunteer work. People of any age can suffer a stroke, including children and babies, so it’s important for everyone to know the signs. My life changed after my stroke and I suffer an invisible disability, the path I am on is different but I am happy – there is life after stroke!”

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