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Antigua and Barbuda

Commonwealth Point of Light 9. Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph, representing Antigua and Barbuda, is the President of the national 'Red Cross Society', leading the ‘Club Lyfe’ blood donor initiative.

The ‘Club Lyfe’ blood donor initiative has raised voluntary blood donations in Antigua’s only blood bank from 2 per cent to 25 percent. Michael has also played a lead role in hurricane preparations, using social media to inform residents what to pack in emergency bags and advising Governmental meetings.

The award for Michael will be presented at Government House, Antigua by Sir Rodney Williams, Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda.

Michael said:

“I am extremely humbled and grateful to be bestowed the honour of being called a Commonwealth Point of Light. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the recognition of Her Majesty The Queen and those of the selection committee; for their acknowledgement of my commitment and dedication to making whatever small fraction of this world a better place for humanity. My journey is far from over as the global humanitarian needs continue to climb, and while admittedly it is impossible to respond to them all, I am more motivated now than ever before. It is my hope that this award will inspire (even if only one person) people to help positively shape humanity, if not for us then for those who stand to inherit it.”

Janet Douglas CMG, British High Commissioner to Antigua & Barbuda, said:

“Michael Joseph’s 18 years of service as a volunteer and, since 2015, as President of the ‘Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross’ stands as an outstanding example of commitment to community and country.  Michael has championed initiatives which have a direct and lasting positive effect in the areas of public health and disaster preparedness in Antigua and Barbuda.  Michael has recently played a crucial role in leading the ‘Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross’’ response to the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria on Barbuda in September 2017.”

Below: Michael receiving his Points of Light award from Sir Rodney Williams, Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda, and with his family at the presentation ceremony

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