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Amber’s Legacy

2148. Darren Cliff

Darren Cliff, from Sunderland has been raising awareness and educating young women of the importance of cervical smear tests after his daughter Amber passed away from cervical cancer in 2017, aged 25.

Following Amber’s death, Darren, launched the charity ‘Amber’s Law’ now named ‘Ambers Legacy’, to promote the importance of cervical smear tests, for all women, but with a focus on those aged 11 to 25, through leaflets and events. ‘Ambers Legacy’ aims to not only encourage more women to book tests, but to  to produce support information, and help with medical assistance for symptomatic cases. Through the charity, ‘Ambers Legacy’ has created a “toilet-door awareness campaign” placing stickers highlighting the main symptoms of cervical cancer in thousands of public toilets across the UK. The charity has also donated funds to the ward at the Freeman Hospital, where Amber was admitted, and also to ward 8 at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, who provide specialised treatment and surgery for children living with cancer. 

‘Amber’s Legacy’ plans to expand its work beyond cervical cancer, to help educate people about other forms of the illness such as ovarian and uterine cancer. Their focus is now on the five main kinds of gynaecological cancer.

In a personal letter to Darren, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“Through Amber’s Legacy, you are turning a tragic personal loss into a positive force for change that is highlighting the importance of cervical smear tests. 

“With your ‘Toilet Door Awareness Campaign’ you have placed information in women’s toilets across the country, making it easier to understand the main symptoms of cervical cancer, and encouraging people to book tests. 

“I was also inspired to hear how you have been fundraising to support the hospital wards that looked after Amber and to provide specialised treatments for children living with cancer.

“Your service – and the service of everyone supporting Amber’s charity – is literally saving lives. So I am honoured to have the opportunity to recognise you in this way.”

Darren said:

“This award has taken me by surprise. I am overwhelmed and shocked to be honest. This award is for everyone who has been involved in Amber’s charity from day one, not just for me. I couldn’t have done it without the amazing support from a  hugely valued team of close knit people who share the same goals…and that is to hopefully save lives by raising awareness of cervical cancer. Also this one is for Amber.”

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