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Alliance Arts

2043. Torron-Lee Dewar

Torron-Lee Dewar, from London, has helped thousands of young people steer clear from anti-social behaviour and provided opportunities for career development through his charity ‘Alliance Arts’.

Starting out as a small group in 2010 that rehearsed and did outreach locally, Torron-Lee’s charity now works with schools, colleges and universities across London, holding weekly classes and providing opportunities to work with creative leaders, choreographers and artistic professionals.  The organisation encourages a mix of talent and expertise, and aids in building confidence through the art of teamwork, dance and visual arts, bringing together people from a range of backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities, often without any previous experience or skill.

In addition to keeping people mentally and physically healthy, the aim of ‘Alliance Arts’ is centred on transforming lives and supporting young people away from exposure to street crime related incidents, self-harm, depression, mental health difficulties and other social issues by giving them a constructive outlet and positive role models to learn from. They also aim to change stereotypical portrayals of those from less fortunate backgrounds, instead giving a platform to showcase the creative talents of their beneficiaries.

In a personal letter to Torron-Lee, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said:

“Your charity ‘Alliance Arts’ has made a real difference for thousands of young people across London, helping to channel their creativity through the performing arts.

“By providing dance classes and coaching from leading stage professionals and choreographers, you are not only supporting people through challenging times in their personal lives, but also nurturing their talents and helping them on the path to becoming professionals themselves.”

Ruth Cadbury, Torron-Lee’s local MP, said: 

“I know how much delight Torron-Lee has brought to those who have watched the dance performances as I did recently at the West London Business Awards at Twickenham Stadium.

“But more importantly, his work brings purpose and self esteem to all the young people who dance with ‘Alliance Arts’, particularly those from the social housing estates across West London, young people who don’t otherwise have many opportunities.

“I have been aware of Torron-Lee’s work since before he started teaching dance, and have seen him and ‘Alliance Arts’ grow over the years. I know how much Torron-Lee deserves the Points of Light award for 19th May 2023 and I look forward to presenting him with the award.”

Torron-Lee said:

“I am overjoyed to receive this award, and it has further fueled my motivation to continue the momentum of our ongoing work at our organisation. This award is not only a recognition of my mission in serving communities across Britain, but also a testament to the unwavering commitment and perseverance of my team in achieving our aims and delivering outstanding results. In the face of daily challenges and unexpected obstacles, it can be easy to feel disheartened; however, we have persevered through difficult times to achieve our goals and make a meaningful difference in the lives of our beneficiaries. Receiving this award provides a much-needed boost to our collective efforts to improve and transform lives for the better. We will continue to innovate and expand our services, with a focus on meeting the evolving needs of our communities.”

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