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1659. Peter Allen

Peter Allen, from Bristol, is a digital marketing professional who has given over 1,000 hours of technical expertise to build the ‘aDoddle’ community mapping platform.

Peter Allen

Specialising in website development, Peter has collaborated with fellow Point of Light Jaki King to launch the ‘aDoddle’ platform, which gives local area maps of volunteering opportunities and community groups such as charities, youth groups and addiction support.

Peter said:

“I am absolutely delighted and humbled to have been given the Points of Light award, which I accept on behalf of the fantastic team, all volunteers, who have worked tirelessly to bring ‘’ to where it is today including those in our communities that are making an incredible difference, especially considering the difficult times we find ourselves in.

“Being a part of and creating the digital side of ‘’ is an absolute pleasure; it is such a crucial resource in today’s world by enabling anyone to find the help and support that is available to them based on their location and need. It is about using technology for good and making our ‘Hidden Emergency Service’ visible – we say “Empowering Individuals and Connecting Communities One Click at a Time”.

“Thank you for recognising our work and I encourage anyone who needs help, provides help as a charitable or community organisation, who wishes to volunteer or to support local organisations in other ways, to visit ‘’. By working together, we really can create more connected and resilient communities – one click at a time.”

Pictured below: a screenshot of the aDoddle platform Peter created

The aDoddle platform

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