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A Plastic Planet

1058. Sian Sutherland

Sian Sutherland, from London, co-founded ‘A Plastic Planet’, a social impact non-profit dedicated to reducing single-use plastic.

Sian Sutherland with co-founder Frederikke Magnussen

Sian works with global brands, retailers, and packaging suppliers to reduce the amount of indestructible plastic used by supermarkets. In Europe in 2016, 40 per cent of all plastic was used for packaging, and nearly half of that wrapped food and drink. This year Sian launched a ‘plastic-free aisle’ in collaboration with Dutch supermarket, EkoPlaza, with special biomaterial packaging that easily decomposes. She is currently supporting the supermarket Iceland on their commitment to eliminating plastic packaging for all their own-brand products by 2023. Recently she worked with Budgens in Belsize Park on a trial which introduced 1,700 plastic free products.

In a personal letter to Sian, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through your pioneering work with ‘A Plastic Planet’, you are helping to tackle one of the most significant environmental challenges facing the world today. I wish you every success as you expand your innovative work combating plastic use in favour of packaging which is reusable and sustainable.”

Sian said:

“I’m very happy to receive this Point of Light award as it will hopefully shine an even brighter focus on the emergency of plastic pollution. ‘A Plastic Planet’ was founded by 2 unreasonable women who believe that the public should be given the choice to buy plastic-free. We have now been joined by an army of amazing experts who help us towards our goal of igniting and inspiring the world to turn off the plastic tap. We, the public, have way more power than we think and it is great that the Prime Minister supports those that try to use that power for the good of all, including the beautiful planet we are privileged to live on.”

Pictured: Sian (right) with her co-founder Frederikke Magnussen, from the Netherlands, outside the Plastic Free Aisle in Amsterdam

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