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Model Westminster

127. Fifi Kara

A young Londoner has inspired over 250 students to get involved in politics and policy making.

20 year-old Fifi Kara, a Muslim who grew up in Battersea and lives in Croydon, is helping to lift the lid on politics by demystifying the policy making process and giving students the skills and knowledge they need to change British society for the better.

Fifi launched Model Westminster with just a handful of other dedicated volunteers last year. The organisation has already worked alongside the Parliamentary Outreach Service and the Digital Democracy Commission to help people get involved in policies and policy making, including running workshops that explore democracy in the UK with over 250 students. Fifi has also helped garner the support of high profile politicians including Vince Cable MP who has become a patron of the organisation.

Fifi feels strongly that all faiths and parts of society should be engaged in democracy to have their voices heard. She personally accepted the Point of Light award from David Cameron at an Eid reception in Number 10 Downing Street this afternoon.

Model Westminster focuses on teaching students about politics and policy making and has run five workshops with Government departments and Parliament in the first 12 months, with two more planned before the end of the year. An important part of the organisation is to reach more students and young people and the team has also recruited 40 young ambassadors to spread the word about the importance of political literacy and the value of understanding how policies are made.

Whilst studying politics at the LSE, Fifi also co founded the recent London 2030 Summit which focused on finding solutions to the London’s most pressing issues and has played a lead role for London Citizens in the successful London Living Wage campaign by reaching out to government ministers and advocating on behalf of low-paid workers from Whitehall.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Model Westminster is an excellent example of young people engaging in democracy – one of the cornerstones of British society. Fifi’s enthusiasm is helping to create a more politically aware younger generation and she is an inspirational Point of Light.”

Fifi said:

“Model Westminster began with the central aim of providing British students with a comprehensive political education, which ensured they were not only engaged in issues but also prepared about what their vote meant. One year since our launch I couldn’t be more proud or excited of what the students have achieved and it means a great deal to have recognition from our country’s most senior politician.”

Steve Reed MP said:

“I’ve seen for myself what fantastic work Fifi does in Croydon. She helps young people understand how they can influence the decisions that affect them. At a time when so many people feel politics is remote, Fifi is showing people how they can get involved and make a difference. She richly deserves this award, she has a big future in politics, and I know she will keep inspiring other young people to stand up and be counted too.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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