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Girlguiding generations

134. Betty Lowe

An inspirational 106 year old woman has devoted 95 years of her life to the Girls Guides movement and does a good deed every day.

Betty Lowe, who lives in Salford, joined the Girls Guides in 1919, was a District Commissioner from 1951-1956 and has stayed active in guiding ever since. Betty has also been a Royal Voluntary Service volunteer for over 40 years and she still volunteers every week in the Royal Voluntary Service café at Salford Royal Hospital, welcoming people with cups of tea and coffee.

Betty volunteers at the café in Salford Royal Hospital once a week to help out and provide great company and emotional support for the ill and vulnerable. Betty uses her positive outlook on life to make the café a welcoming and calm place, allowing people to relax and take a break at what can be a deeply worrying time in their lives.

Betty has worked her way up from Girl Guide leader to the distinguished position of Vice President of Girlguiding in Greater Manchester West, and organised events such as annual camping trips to different parts of the UK, benefitting hundreds of girls in Salford. Betty also trained guide leaders and promotes the growth of Girl Guide groups in Salford. She still retains her links with Guiding today and upholds her Guide promise first made in 1919 of doing a good deed everyday.

Betty has not only been an inspiration to the guiding movement in Salford, but her experiences have also promoted volunteering throughout the community. Betty’s voluntary work has inspired older men to volunteer and offer their services to transport the isolated elderly to go to local rugby matches.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Betty is an incredible woman who has dedicated her life to volunteering. As an RVS volunteer for 40 years and a Guide for 95 years, Betty has lived and breathed serving others. “Betty’s commitment to doing a good deed everyday has benefitted thousands in her local community. Her selfless, positive attitude is an inspiration. She is a true Point of Light.”

Betty said:

“I never married or had children but I feel like I’ve spent my life surrounded by wonderful people who I care about very much. I have never been one for sitting in front of the TV and always want to be out and about with people. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it”.

David McCullough, Chief Executive for Royal Voluntary Service, said:

“It’s hard to put into words how much the country is indebted to the wonderful Betty Lowe. She has spent her life helping others and yet doesn’t see it as anything other than something she has greatly enjoyed. She is a true inspiration and has a fantastically fun and positive attitude to life. Everyone at Royal Voluntary Service is thrilled she has received a Point of Light Award in recognition of what a star she is. We’d urge anyone who would like to try volunteering to get in touch with us, even an hour a week can make a big difference.”

Hazel Blears, Betty’s local MP said:

“I am absolutely delighted that Betty Lowe has been recognised by the Prime Minister and that she will be receiving his ‘Point of Light’ award this year. Betty has dedicated her entire life to the service of others, volunteering in the community with the Girl Guides and at Salford Royal. I know that everyone in Salford will be thrilled that her hard work and devotion to our community has been recognised at the highest level. She is truly an inspiration.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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