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101 Things To Do When You Survive

1087. Greig Trout

Greig Trout, from Dumfries, founded the ‘101 Things To Do When You Survive’ wellbeing initiative to inspire those who have survived cancer or faced trauma to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Greig Trout

After facing a PTSD diagnosis following his survival of cancer for the second time, Greig created an ‘anti-bucket list’ in 2013 to encourage him to take on new activities and deal with his diagnosis. When his blog and travels in 23 countries went viral, Greig was inspired to grow the initiative to fundraise for charities such as ‘Cancer Research UK’ and ‘The Leukaemia Foundation’, and encourage other people to get involved. Greig continues to fundraise through new activities, and provides inspirational talks on kindness to schools across the UK with the ‘52 Lives’ charity, founded by Point of Light #300 Jaime Thurston, which shares stories online every week of an individual in need of help.

In a personal letter to Greig, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Drawing on your own experience, you are sending a positive and inspiring message to people across the country. You are helping survivors of illness to improve their wellbeing and encouraging others to spread kindness. You should also feel very proud of the way your blog has fundraised for so many charitable causes.”

Greig said:

“Thank you so much – it is such an honour. And one that I’m grateful to be on this earth to receive! So much of my recovery was down to the support I received from so many wonderful people – but also the support that I went on to give to others. Helping others had such a positive effect on my own physical and mental health – it really was my best medicine.”

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