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10-by-10 Challenge

1602. Shaun Mayall

Shaun Mayall, aged 10, from Cumbria, lost his Dad Andy to suicide in 2014 when he was three and has now raised thousands of pounds to support ‘Suicide Bereavement Support’ through a 10km running challenge.

Shaun Mayall

Shaun and his Mum Helen received support from the Suicide Bereavement Support (SBS) following Andy’s death, a small charity with self-help support groups across Cumbria. After a suggestion from his schoolteacher, Shaun was inspired to take on a challenge not only in his father’s memory but to provide vital funds for the charity. Completing a 10km run dressed as the comic hero Dennis the Menace, his Dad’s favourite character, Shaun’s fundraiser has inspired hundreds of people to donate towards SBS and help provide support to other families in the area affected by suicide.

In a personal letter to Shaun, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Well done on your fantastic fundraising for ‘Cumbria Suicide Bereavement Support’!

“With your dad’s favourite character, Dennis the Menace, you have completed 10km challenges and inspired people to make generous donations that will help other families like yours.”

Shaun said:

“When my mum told me I had won the Points of Light award my first words were ‘jeepers creepers’. I was blown away, astounded and felt so proud.

“This is a huge milestone in my life because the Prime Minister picked my story out of thousands upon thousands. Thank you!

“I want to thank EVERYONE who has donated for SBS, this will help lots of people. I would like to dedicate this award to my dad Andy, Felix who nominated me and Mrs Winter my teacher. I will always live by this motto, ‘be resilient, work hard, be kind, talk and listen.”

Pictured below: Shaun with his dog Google the Labradoodle

Shaun with Google the Labradoodle

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