A lasting legacy

232Annette Hayward (Bristol)
231Steve Hayward (Bristol)

Inspiring couple that link exercise with fun and friendship.

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Fundraising football fan

230Jonjo Heuerman (Dartford)

Raising money in rememberence of the legendary Bobby Moore

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Culture exchange

229Yi Shao (Newcastle)

Fostering a mutual friendship and cultural understanding between young people.

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‘Parkrun’ pioneer

228Chris Davies (Newport)

Volunteer uses his passion to set up running events for young people.

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Recycling Brighton

227Cat Fletcher (Brighton)

Inspiring people by demonstrating that anything can be reused, recycled or repurposed

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The Big Knit

226Sara Sullivan (Hampshire)

Raising money through the art of knitting

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SMart Network

224Jaime Bautista (London)

Empowerment, self-development and inclusion through art.

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Change the world in your pyjamas

223Mike Bright (Cardiff)

Making it easy for people to volunteer from their sofa

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