Musical therapy

167. Carolyn Mayling (Maidenhead)

Bringing musical therapy to children in hospitals and special needs schools

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Access at home

166. Vince Knight (Essex)

Using construction skills to help a family in need

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Jumping for IBD

165. Derek McEwan (Glasgow)

Fundraising over half a million to support people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Mentoring success

164. Leila Thomas (London)

Tackling gang culture through inspiring young people with professional mentors

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Financing a community

163. Ben Goodwin (Manchester)

Growing the professional network of a community focused credit union

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162. Harry Heber (London)

Supporting the organisation that saved his life by helping children world-wide

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Marsh conservation

161. Mike Barrett (Norfolk)

Championing and preserving British wildlife for people to enjoy and nature to thrive

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Bumble Bee Barbarians

160. Anthony Brooke (Bradford)

Establishing the UK’s first mixed ability rugby team

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