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Totally Crazy Party Entertainer

1567. Damian Pickett

Damian Pickett, from Swindon, is a children’s party entertainer who has been running free online quizzes for families during lockdown and hosting seasonal activities, such as Halloween pumpkin hunts and scarecrow trails and Christmas decorating, to support the wellbeing of his local community.

Damian Pickett

Prior to the pandemic, Damian regularly hosted events for his community in Swindon, but with many businesses closed in 2020 due to Coronavirus restrictions, including his own, he has been active in using his professional entertainment skills to keep local people connected and boost the mental health of residents. Damian was also involved in supporting Swindon’s first ever virtual Christmas Lights switch-on and hosting a free online event featuring a variety of pre-recorded performances from local acts.

In a personal letter to Damian, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“With your online quizzes, Halloween pumpkin hunts and your virtual Christmas event, you have not let the pandemic stop you from putting smiles on the faces of young people. 

“You have kept local families entertained, brought cheer in challenging times and raised a superb sum for charity.”

Damian said:

“I feel truly humbled that I have been nominated, let alone chosen for this award! I love where I live and have always tried to be an active member of the community and when all my work stopped back in March, at the start of the first lockdown, I knew that people would be desperate for something to do to keep them and their kids amused. As I own an entertainment company, I figured I was in the perfect position to step up and bring a little fun and laughter to my neighbours!

“I never organised any of these events expecting anything in return, I just wanted to help others get through this weird time and have a bit of fun in the process! I love my job and missed being able to entertain so all these events were also great for me! I’m so grateful to everyone who joined in with the crazy ideas I came up with and showed me so much support as without them, they wouldn’t have been the successes they were. I’m also massively thankful to my wife, Kimberley and my daughter Amelia who were a huge help in all of these events too.”

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