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The Happy Mums Foundation

1504. Katherine Dalgliesh

Katherine Dalgliesh, from Cumbria, founded ‘The Happy Mums Foundation’ to improve maternal mental health with peer-led support groups for hundreds of women in the region.

Katherine Dalgliesh

Katherine set up the charity following her own experiences with maternal mental health problems after the birth of her eldest daughter in 2011. She set the foundation up in January 2015 whilst training to become an antenatal teacher to raise awareness of postnatal depression and maternal mental health difficulties, and provide practical support for fellow mothers across Cumbria. The foundation has also launched the #happymumbria campaign during the pandemic to tackle the stigma around mental health and encourage open conversations between mums.

In a personal letter to Katherine, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“You know from your own personal experiences the challenges, as well as the immense joys, that come from motherhood. So I am delighted to hear how you have created a special support group for hundreds of mums across Cumbria.

“I was inspired to hear how you have harnessed technology to sustain this group during the restrictions that have been necessary in the battle against Coronavirus.

“#happymumbria is a great innovation in Cumbria and a source of inspiration for the country.”

Katherine said:

“I’m delighted to represent the important work of ‘The Happy Mums Foundation’ team in receiving this honour. It is only by highlighting the huge challenges faced by mums with maternal mental health problems, particularly during Covid, that we can break down the stigma around what is a very common, but distressing experience.”

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