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ReadAble Singapore

Commonwealth Point of Light 212. Amanda Chong

Amanda Chong, representing Singapore, aged 32, is a lawyer, poet and co-creator of 'ReadAble', a non-profit organisation that runs weekly literacy and numeracy classes for children and teenagers from low-income families, and for migrant women in the Chinatown area.

Amanda Chong

The charity serves over 100 students each week and has built a community library holding more than 1,000 books for citizens to access, tackling poverty and illiteracy one word at a time.

Amanda said:

“ReadAble’s work has always been a team effort, as we believe that the most effective interventions are delivered through strong teacher-student relationships. The wonderful volunteers in the ReadAble community bring the best of themselves, week after week, to do the crucial work of teaching, mentoring and believing in students. Our volunteers partner families to invest in the best outcomes for their children. This award belongs to all of them.

“Volunteering for almost ten years has helped me to understand the lived experiences of children facing social inequality and myriad structural factors stacked against their success. The greatest reward for this work is watching the teenage students whom we taught to read as preschoolers, begin to tell their own stories and advocate for themselves.”

Kara Owen, British High Commissioner to Singapore, said:

“Amanda Chong’s passion for reading, writing and developing potential in others is truly inspiring. As a trained lawyer, who writes poetry, and has also presented a TV documentary, Amanda’s talents shine in many fields. But it is her commitment to helping others succeed, thereby making a lasting difference to society, that makes her truly exceptional.

“I’m delighted that she has been chosen for the Points of Light award, and joins other outstanding Singaporeans who have been similarly recognised.”

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