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Kindness Homeless Street Team

1405. Laura McSorley

Laura McSorley, from Glasgow, set up the ‘Kindness Homeless Street Team’ to provide hot meals and essential items to homeless and vulnerable people, giving out over 30,000 hot meals since March.

Laura McSorley

Laura’s initiative is supported by over 5,000 members, with over £43,000 raised to help support the expansion of their work across the city. Laura and the team also provide assistance for homeless people with completing forms and housing applications, and help with getting off the street.

In a personal letter to Laura, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Every day I take a moment to say thank you to someone in the UK for their service to others by recognising them as a Point of Light in our lives. Today I would like to recognise you for helping the people of Glasgow with your Kindness Homeless Street Team initiative. 

“I have been uplifted to hear so many stories of those helping the most vulnerable people in our community through this difficult time. 

“In giving out hot meals, toiletries and other essential items, you are providing a much needed sense of comfort and security to the vulnerable people of Glasgow during this time of need.

“So on behalf of the whole country, thank you – and congratulations on becoming the UK’s 1405th Point of Light!”

Patrick Grady, MP for Glasgow North, said:

“I’m delighted that Laura has received recognition for her outstanding work helping some of the most vulnerable people in our society during this unprecedented crisis.

“The Kindness Homeless Street Team has been working hard providing hot meals, essential items and other support to homeless and vulnerable people in Glasgow. In these difficult times it’s inspiring to see ordinary people stepping up and finding a way to provide help for those in our society who need it most.

“It’s right that dedicated community volunteers like Laura, and all the team who’ve helped with this fantastic initiative, receive the credit they deserve.”

Laura said:

“I am absolutely delighted to be recognised for this award. The people we have managed to reach out to makes every bit of volunteering so worthwhile! My team and I are so passionate about making a difference to Glasgow’s homeless community. Thank you.”

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