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802. Alex Braden

Alex Braden, from Sussex, established ‘Encompass: The Daniel Braden Reconciliation Trust’ in memory of his son, Daniel, who was killed by terrorists in the 12 October 2002 Bali bombings.

Through UK-based community outreach, ‘Encompass’ brings together 18-24 year olds from Indonesia, Palestine, Israel, the US and UK, with the aim of confronting stereotypes. This involves outward-bound courses principally in Snowdonia and Scotland, at the end of which the participants attend a talk in both a mosque and a synagogue in London. Before going home, each young person pitches their ideas for a social project that they could deliver in their own community. Over 13,000 participants have taken part and gained new perspectives as well as lasting friendships with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. The award will mark the 15th anniversary of Daniel’s death and the Bali terrorist attack.

In a personal letter to Alex, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through ‘Encompass: The Daniel Braden Reconciliation Trust’ you are undertaking remarkable community outreach in memory of your son. The organisation has reached young people from across the world and the lasting friendships they have forged with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds is providing a vital message about the importance of integration in today’s society.”

Alex said: 

“I very much appreciate the recognition from the Prime Minister for the work of ‘ENCOMPASS The Daniel Braden Reconciliation Trust’, over the past 15 years. We founded ‘ENCOMPASS’ after our son Daniel and 201 others were killed in Bali as we have always believed when people truly understand each other, one to one, prejudice and hatred give way to bonds of friendship which transcend political and religious divides. This principle has been proved time and again with some really lasting affects in all our work in Indonesia, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, the US and the UK.” 

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