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1711. Hannah Simnett

Hannah Simnett, from Birmingham, founded ‘Cherished’, a programme training people to become volunteer mentors for girls aged 4-16 and empower them to deal with issues such as low self-esteem, bullying and mental health.

Hannah Simnett

The programme in particular works with pupils who have been referred by police and social services, are at risk of exclusion or are outside of mainstream education who need additional support to be able to fulfil their potential. More than a thousand girls have been supported by their mentoring programmes from across 35 primary and secondary schools in Birmingham, and Hannah has also provided training to over 5,000 professionals working with children to identify symptoms of trauma.

In a personal letter to Hannah, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I was so inspired to hear about the brilliant work that you do at ‘Cherished’ to support girls and young women who are outside of mainstream education or at risk of exclusion.

“With your trained army of volunteer mentors, you are giving these vulnerable young people access to support which builds their self-esteem and improves mental wellbeing.”

Andrew Mitchell, Hannah’s local MP for Sutton Coldfield, said:

“Congratulations to Hannah Simnett for founding the ‘Cherished’ programme training people to become volunteer mentors for girls aged 4-16. Hannah’s work is making a huge difference right across Birmingham by supporting vulnerable girls and providing mentoring support. I am glad that her hard work has been recognised by the Prime Minister through the Points of Light award.”

In response to receiving her award, Hannah said:

“I feel honoured and thrilled to have been chosen to receive this recognition. We care passionately about making a difference to the lives of young people, across the city of Birmingham.”

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