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Angel Wings Project South Africa

Commonwealth Point of Light 188. Nerisha Jairaj

Nerisha Jairaj, representing South Africa, founded the ‘Angel Wings Project’, a programme where COVID-19 patients nominate frontline workers to be awarded with ‘Angel Wings’ to honour the sacrifices they have made during the pandemic.

Nerisha Jairaj

The initiative was born after Nerisha’s mother was hospitalised in December 2020 and she wanted to praise hospital staff for their commitments during South Africa’s debilitating second wave. So far, since the launch of the project in March 2021 on the anniversary of the first case of Coronavirus in South Africa, 135 ‘Angel Wings’ have been awarded.

Adam Bye, Acting High Commissioner-Pretoria British High Commission, said:

“On behalf of us all at the British High Commission in South Africa I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to Nerisha for being granted a Commonwealth Points of Light Award.

“Further to the recognition she received from the South African government for her Angel Wings project earlier this year, it is wonderful to see that her efforts have also been recognized internationally.

“Angel Wings is a great way to honour the frontline health workers who have acted so bravely and selflessly since the beginning of the pandemic. They are a source of national pride, and deserve our fullest gratitude for their ongoing commitment and professionalism. Congratulations again, Nerisha!”

Nerisha said:

“It only takes helping one person to make a difference in this world. Life’s purpose is the positive impact one can make in the lives of others. Be it the educational training programs to empower Industry, woman and youth in effort to create more employment, the ‘Angel Wings Project’, that thanks healthcare workers for sacrificing their lives to save others during this Pandemic, the initiatives to assist orphanages, shelters for abused woman and children or the street feeding schemes and drives to providing school shoes to children in rural areas that have never worn a shoe to school. The end goal is to create happiness, spread love, empower and/or give thanks. I am humbled for the recognition but share this with ‘South African Footwear and Leather Export Council (SAFLEC)’, its manufacturing sponsors, partners, Faithwalkers and my incredible team that helps brings all our efforts to life. All glory to god. A heartfelt thank you to the Palace and British High Commission.”

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